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What People Are Saying

Board and Train
“Omg!!! What to say, honestly I was very hesitant about sending my 7mo old puppy away for training. Barkley came back with a great foundation and now it’s my job to secure it and make it fit. We’ve had a crazy house with lots of kids and unexpected visitors and he’s done incredible. Picking my oldest daughter up at camp. 30 plus drama students coming at him and he handled it like a true gentleman. He’s still his happy sweet playful self but with control! Thank you for answering all my questions and putting me at ease. I have no doubt that this is some of the best money I’ve ever spent.”
Nicole S.
Board and Train
“Vanessa is wonderful and very experienced. I was hesitant at first leaving my baby for 2 weeks, but I can assure you she returned a different dog. She wouldn’t stop nipping at my kids, jumping, and pulling on the leash. After training she is awesome and very well behaved. We left her boarded for a week that we went on vacation. I feel at ease leaving her there knowing she is being well cared for, walked, and gets to play with friends instead of being locked up in a crate like most places do. I live 1.5 hours away and don’t mind driving knowing that my baby is being treated like a princess!”
Nayla S.
Board and Train
Lady Martini
“My family and I highly recommend this training! We had a very hyper and stubborn mini Australian Shepherd who within two weeks it’s like a completely different dog. The training far exceeded any expectation I had, as I had assumed our dog would just be a sassy and stubborn girl. She has maintained her personality and now has manners, and this is all due to the superb training that she received.”
Stacey S
Board and Train
“Our Lacy came back a different puppy thanks to Vanessa! Lacy at 6 months had major attitude problems! She wouldn’t listen and thought it was funny! Well, now I’m laughing because she will listen now! Last night we were on our walk and I had her sit while we talked to a neighbor. She just sat there until we were done! Neighbors were impressed! Thanks Vanessa! We would totally recommend Fur Life K-9 Academy!
Patty Z
Day Care
"The list of places I would leave my fur buddy is very short and only has one name on it... Fur Life K9 Academy. My boy is one of kind and the thought of crating him all day while I go play makes me sad. Dropping him off for a fun filled day with Vanessa and the Fur Life team makes me happy and anxiety free. Drop off and pick up is easy and quick."
Scott Steger
Board and Train
"Moxie is a new girl! We are going to be able to keep her and not give her up to another family. Her once uncontrollable aggressive behaviors are now controlled by us! Thank you so much. You have made such a difference to our lives. XOXO"
Julie O
Board and Train
"Cooper was enrolled for 2 weeks! This was the best thing I could have ever done for my dog and our family. My dog came back totally trained with the best manners. We are able to have family time without the dog interrupting and able to control him much better. He went as a hyper wild dog, and came back as a clam trained dog. This was an amazing experience!"
Julie G
Miss Marcy
"Vanessa is great! Took time to tutor us on how to work with our new adopted dog and how to be the alpha of the pack! Now to implement and have a great life with Ms Marcy! Thank you Vanessa for your time!"
Melanie B
In Home Training
"I couldn't be happier with the great results I've gotten from working with Vanessa. I would highly recommend Fur Life K-9 (Academy) to anyone."
Yeni M
In Home Training
"Kimba My BIG Husky Mix Is a Changed Dog! Vanessa is very professional, loves her job, is very enthusiastic, and has a great personality followed with many good qualities such as very loyal, understanding, flexible and funny. My dog Is under control, is very happy and has gained confidence as have I. Thank You Vanessa for all your help. Our family gained a great trainer and friend."
Allondra T