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Private Home Based Training: Page Under Construction

In your home working with you and your pooch

Private Home-Based Training Program

6 - ONE (1) Hour Training Sessions

10 - ONE (1) Hour Training Sessions (in-home/Facility/Public)

This training is followed through in your home where you will be responsible for working your dog on a daily basis in order to see progress within the training program time-frame. If you do not have the time to work your dog on a daily basis then please consider the Board and Train Program. We recommend that you work your dog for one hour each day. This hour may be spread out over the course of the day into smaller training sessions. Each session with your trainer lasts for ONE HOUR unless otherwise modified by your trainer. Sessions are scheduled 1 - 2 times a week. You are invited to attend group classes with us when you are ready in order to address socialization manners with other dogs and their humans. Please note: The 6 session program is designed with class attendance highly recommended in order for you and your dog to reach full potential.

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