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Immersive training in the home of a Fur Life trainer

Please Read Our Boarding Requirements

TWO (2) Week Board and Train Program $1,500.00

This training is done within the trainers’ home. Dogs participating in our Board and Train Program, also known as 'BOOTCAMP' for its military style routine, schedule and expectations, will have a two or three-hours of leash training a day in addition to learning in the home manners as well as the Advanced Obedience during "down time" or what we call active rest. During the Board and Train with us, your dog works around the clock focusing on proper manners within the home in a more relaxed environment. Towards the end of their stay your dog will hit the town with us to show off their new manners. Obedience Field trips are typically taken to Home Depot, Pet Supermarket, Publix (entryway) and restaurants with outdoor/dog friendly areas. This is a great way for dogs to prove their good behavior around big distractions including saying hello properly to strangers and sitting politely. This is a two-week, full immersion obedience training program. This program includes a private lesson on graduation day which may last for one or two hours. We also offer follow up lesson after graduation to be sure that you an your family are on track to reach your dogs full potential upon graduating from our program. Also included with this program is unlimited group class attendance for the life of your dog. We want you to succeed and guarantee that we are with you for all your dog training and care needs... FUR LIFE!

THREE (3) Week Board and Train Program $2,250.00

Off Leash Training: This training program includes an additional week of off leash training for adult dogs. Included in the price of this program is a high quality remote training collar for your dog. We do NOT use cheap, low quality collars for our dogs. Cheap collars can be unreliable and inconsistent in providing the proper communication to your dog, which is unfair and confusing. Off leash training is wonderful and the remote training collar is the very best tool when used properly!! To use it properly, the training and conditioning must be done in a specific way with the proper equipment. We highly recommend this program if one of your training goals is that your dog to comes to you consistently when called whether at home, out in the yard, at the beach or around other distractions. Please contact with any questions to discuss this program further. We LOVE to have the dog stay for the two (2) week program initially and then return for the additional week of off leash training six (6) to eight (8) weeks later. We find that this helps our humans (dog owners) process and apply all the new skills and information at a much less overwhelming rate. Your confidence is a priority to us and we want to set you up with a smooth process for ultimate success!

FOUR (4) Week Board and Train Program $2,800.00

Please contact us for more information and details on dogs that may require a four-week program. Puppies, Aggressive Dogs, Toy Breeds and Dogs in for House Training Purposes are all examples of dogs that would require a longer stay for training. Some cases may call for an extension beyond 4 weeks. Please speak with you training coordinator to schedule a phone interview and/or live evaluation in order to determine if this may be a need of yours.

Obedience Training can be costly; however, we do our absolute best to keep the costs down and payment options open. It is a wonderful investment of money and time to make in order to ensure happiness and communication between you and your beloved pet.

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